Tuesday 28th May 2024 
Although easier to get up and running, the new API-NG does require that the user is fully conversant in programming and reference to the API-NG Reference Guide is ESSENTIAL. The reason for this is that many of the requests require user-defined parameters in the format of a dictionary. There are a significant number of parameters available, resulting in far too many combinations to be able to "dumb it down" to simple Python functions. My Python API-NG library attempts to make this more user friendly, however you WILL need to understand how the API-NG works in order to use it to its full potential.


Betfair have increased security and API users now require self-signed SSL certificates as well as their username and password in order to login and use other secure functions. Creation of the SSL certificates is a bit of a PITA, however it is only a one-off operation per betfair account. Please see my tutorial:
Betfair API-NG: Creating SSL Certificates For Login

You will also need to create an "Application Key" which will identify your bot to the Betfair servers. Instructions for both of these operations are detailed in the sample code (download below) README.txt and Betfair's documentation, so I will not repeat them here.

Once you have your SSL certificates and Application Keys, you will be able to start bot development. You MUST be conversant in Python to use this library. If you have never programmed in Python, then this library is NOT for you!

This API-NG library has now been heavily tested and can be considered as a STABLE release.
The library is developed under Python 3.5.

API Library: betfair-api.zip V0.14 (June 2019) changelog.txt

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BespokeBots Betfair API-NG Library by Birchy is licensed under:
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