Tuesday 10th December 2019 
NOTE: this information applies ONLY to UK, USA and Canadian residents.

Introduction to freebies
I would hate to think how many times I've seen internet adverts such as: "FREE iPod", "FREE Laptop", etc and totally dismissed them as some sort of dodgy scam. It was purely by accident that I found a BBC news report investigating these so-called "free" sites. To my surprise, their verdict was that many of those sites ARE legitimate, so I decided it was time to take a closer look.

How it all works
Advertising space is big bucks nowadays, and that is what these freebies are all about. Some websites specialize in advertising and use lots of methods to attract new customers - the most popular being the "free gift" scheme. The way it works is simple:
  • A company places an advert on a "free gifts" website, usually with a "pay per customer" agreement.
  • Each time the company gains a new customer via the advertising site, the webmaster gets paid.
  • The webmaster uses some of the money to buy popular gadgets and attracts customers by offering them as "free" gifts.
  • If someone clicks an advertisers' link on the "free gifts" site and becomes a new customer, they then get a chance to earn their gift by referring more new customers to the site.
Notice that you will have to EARN your gift, however it's not "hard" work. Each gift has a points value. You will earn one point for each person that YOU refer to the advertising site and by accumulating points, you can claim a free gift. For instance, in order to claim an Apple iPod Shuffle, you will need just TWO points. So persuade two friends to sign up via your own link and claim your free iPod. It's that simple!

So what's the catch?
Obviously the "free" gifts are not actually free because you have to do a small amount of work in order to claim them, but other than that, there isn't a catch. You can even redeem your points as a Custom Order if you have a specific item in mind, or simply have them converted to an Amazon gift voucher. Perhaps you are worried that you might not receive your free gift? Don't be. These are reputable companies that make their living from us, so keeping on side is their priority!

How to get started
  1. Go to the advertising site HERE and setup a new account by entering your email address in the SIGN UP NOW box.
  2. Select an offer that takes your fancy and complete the requirements. This may mean opening a new account with LoveFilm or perhaps a Bingo site or a bookmaker such as William Hill. You will have to subscribe or place a bet to qualify to get your points. Many of the gambling sites will give you a FREE deposit bonus, so you don't have to spend a penny! If you have a betfair account, you can lay-off your free bet so that you can guarantee a profit regardless of the outcome. If you would like to know how to do this, please email me AFTER you have joined one of the gambling sites and made a deposit.
  3. Once you have completed the offer and the company has confirmed it, the "offers" section of your account will change to a green tick with a message saying "You have successfully completed your offer". NOTE: you MUST complete an offer in order to gain free gift points!
  4. Now here's the "work" I mentioned...notice the "offers" page on your account now suggests that you refer some friends/relatives/associates/etc in order to earn your free gift? Well do exactly that.
  5. Each person that completes your referral will earn you one point. One point is worth around £20.
  6. At the time of writing (November 2014), here are some of the points and gifts available:
    • iPod Shuffle (2 points)
    • Nintendo DS Lite (5 points)
    • XBOX Games (6 points)
    • Amazon £100 Voucher (6 points)
    • PS4 (18 points)
    • Xbox One (22 points)
    • iPhone 6 (24 points)
    NOTE: It's worth shopping around to maximize your points value! Amazon vouchers are often a good choice.

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